Workshop series: Tantra for Women

tantra workshop


14 January, 13:30 – 16:30

18 February, 13:30 – 16:30

18 March, 13:30 – 16:30

9 April, 13:30 – 16:30

19 May, 13:30 – 16:30

PRICE   €35
5 workshops package: €150
You can pay in the studio or via our online Store.


Upcoming workshops

14 January: Making plans for 2017
During the workshop we will analyze the past and look into the future. We will define the most important in the coming year and create your individual mandala of happiness and success in 2017!
Through meditation we will set our subconscious mind on a happy year.
You will get tips for your homework on how to get where you want!
It is recommended to perform a small home task before the workshop, which youĺl receive after the registration.
Lets begin the year with love and gratitude!



18 February: Getting in touch with emotions
Every minute of our life we experience emotions. Positive and negative, destructive and creative. In fact we are able to choose which emotion we want to live through. Suppressed emotions take our energy and create tension in the body. During this workshop we will learn:
  • what emotions are
  • how to deal with suppressed emotions and get the energy back
  • how to control the emotional reaction and be able to choose which emotion we would like to experience
We will practice: dance therapy, meditation, breathing exercises, active meditation, deep relaxation.
18 March: Ways to share LOVE
Love has many ways – there are different ways of sharing this beautiful energy.
During the workshop we will learn to feel and understand the other person’s needs, the languages of love and how to express our love in a creative way.  Choosing the right way of expressing love we can increase our mutual understanding and trust.
  • sensitivity through tactile contact,
  • purifying energy tantra massage,
  • energy exchange through breath and eye contact,
  • open heart meditation.
9 April: What do men want?
  • Love to yourself – why it is important in the relations,
  • Restore and keep female energy,
  • Understanding men – what do they mean when saying smth,
  • How to speak to men, so that they understand your needs.
19 May: Sacred journey into female sexuality

During this workshop you will learn:


  • what female sexuality is why it is so powerful
  • what is sexual healing
  • how to  up your sexuality
  • tips and tricks on how to boost your libido
Tantra for Women

Would you like to have more fun, pleasure and better female health? You can achieve that just by being yourself! If you feel out of track and your hormones aren’t in balance, it is twice as difficult for you to master the flow of your own energy, to stay positive, to take an action for achieving your goals and to enjoy sexuality.

During the workshops you will learn how to:

● purify your emotions

● revive passion in your relationship

● balance your hormones

● use your magnetizing sexuality

● direct the energy exactly into your desire

● do breathing excersises and self-massage

● do Tantra and Kegel exercises

● take care of your inner space and physical body

Come and celebrate your feminine nature in an inspiring and safe environment!


About the teacher: Nataliia Bortnichenko

tantra nataliia1Nataliia has been teaching yoga since 2002. During this period she has been giving a lot of classes, seminars and webinars and translated workshops of other teachers. She also organised yoga festivals and retreats to India, Europe, Ukraine, India, Tibet, Turkey. She has participated in yoga teachers trainings, body-work and general well-being programmes. In 2015 Nataliia established the YogaNature School where she is sharing her knowledge and experience.