Frequently asked questions

Can I start practising if I have never done Yoga or any other physical activities previously?

Of, course, you can. You should even! When you are a new-comer, you will be asked to fill in small intake form so that we can know your goals better (if it is a back pain problem or a wish to loose weight etc.) and advice you on a approriate class that suits your needs.

Is Yoga only for girls or for guys, too?

Yoga is for everyone! It is greatly combined with any other sports activities, for example gym or jogging, as well as alone. Big attention is devoted to the strengthening of the spine muscles and relaxing muscle pressure, so it goes for guys not less then for girls.

Moreover, sportspersons and athletes very often practice yoga to maximize their performance and improve conditioning. For example, Yoga is used extensively within British soccer to minimize injury, with Manchester United star Ryan Giggs one of the most high-profile players to publicly incorporate it in his training regime.

In modern age, yoga is considered as matter of a good taste and is widely practiced within successful people and celebrities, such as Sting, Madonna, Jon Bon Jovi, David Beckham and others.

What do I need and what should I wear for the lesson?

You should have comfortable cloth, that don’t restrict your movements (changing room is available at the studio). Yoga is practiced with barefoot, but you can leave your socks on if you feel cold. The studio offers yoga mats and blankets for free for you to use during the class and final relaxation (shavasana).

However, if you are determined to practice regularly we advise you to purchase your own mat.

How are different lessons structured?

See more on: class structure. There is given a broad description of different yoga styles, different lessons and programs.

I don’t know anything about yoga – can I come for a beginners class?

In the beginners classes, we explain always more about yoga and you can ask any questions. Yoga suits everyone and contrary to the popular belief, you don’t have to be flexible before starting it.

Can I practice when I had an injury or pain in one or several parts of my body?

Yoga is not a substitute for medical treatment, so if you have or recently acquired serious medical condition: always consult a doctor first.

If you had done the 1 step, and still want to do yoga: inform your instructor about your physical limitations. You will be adviced suitable class and given personal attention (postures might be modified for you) in order to start a healing process.

Yoga practice may improve physical conditions of many people, suffering from different diseases, such as Arthritis, back or shoulder pain, respiration problems, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression etc.

Can I eat or drink before the class?

We advice you not to eat at least 2 hours before the class, but if you feel too hungry try having something light like yogurt or fruit.

Drinking isn’t recommended 30 minutes before, during and 30-40 minutes after the class, but if you feel thirsty, you can have a bit of water or herbal tea.

How many times per week should I practice yoga?

Honestly, the more the better, there are no limits. The more regular your practice is, the higher results you get. Still any amount is better then nothing, but on average 2-3 times per week is a good load.

Can I do yoga if I'm pregnant or just had a baby?

Our studio offers special prenental yoga classes upon request. For more info contact us.

During the first trimester you can also visit classes with low intensity like: Gentle yoga, Slow Flow Yoga, Stress Relief, etc.